A Vampire:the Masquerade game set in the fictional town of Havershome, Scotland

    Introduction to the Game


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    Introduction to the Game

    Post  James on Mon Aug 20, 2012 6:45 am

    Edinburgh is an ancient city and the Prince of Edinburgh claims most of the rest of Scotland as her Domain, with the exception of enclaves in Dundee, Perth, St Andrew's and Glasgow. However, most of the rest is small towns that have one or rarely two kindred inhabitants and have never required much attention from Prince Deuxponts - small towns like Havershome.

    This started to change around five years ago when an exploration mission by the UK petrochemical giant Empire Oil discovered a massive supply of natural gas off the coast of Havershome. Various long and protracted legal battles ensued but two months ago Empire Oil were granted rights to build rigs, drilling platforms, refineries and all the other apparatus of extraction. They shipped in construction workers, engineers, support personnel and sundry other employees from around the world into vast fields of temporary accomadation in order to begin the building process. Havershome's population tripled in a few months and Prince Elaine Deuxponts' attention was drawn to the small town that had suddenly become one of her Domain's most populous areas.

    Fearing the chaos that could come from an unregulated power grab, she banned Kindred from the town while she held discussions with her childer, the Primogen Council, the Princes of other Scottish cities and various other influential Kindred. Eventually, the night before last, she announced that a select number of Edinburgh's most influential Kindred would be permitted to send representatives to establish and maintain Camarilla control over Havershome, representatives who would ultimately be answerable to both the influential Kindred who sent them and the Prince's childe's childe - Alexander McDougal - who would serve as a "deputy Prince" over the town.

    You spent last night with your Sires - the influential Kindred in question - locked in discussion as to how they would like their representative, you, to proceed.

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