A Vampire:the Masquerade game set in the fictional town of Havershome, Scotland

    Playing the Game


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    Playing the Game

    Post  James on Tue Aug 21, 2012 3:17 am


    In common with a number of other online V:tM games, Havershome works primarily by location threads. If you want to do something at a given location in Havershome then thread should be set up for that location - for example if you wished to go to the local fish and chip shop you might start a thread entitled "Fish and Chip Shop". Sometimes you might already find a thread for the location you desire - in that case simply start posting in that thread rather than starting a new one.

    Further, each location sits in one of Havershome's districts:

    Temporary Housing
    Town Centre
    Building Site
    North Havershome
    Cullen and Lothmoor

    If the location you want to visit is in a different district then you will need to PM the ST staff to grant you permission to post in that district. The Important Locations thread is arranged by district so you can see there which district contains your desired destination.

    As mentioned, this is the same mechanism as the majority of online V:tM games and so should be familiar.

    Once in a thread for your destination then simply make a post stating what your character does. Do not then post again until someone has replied to it - be it an ST or another player. This is called double posting and causes a lot of confusion as it makes it very easy to overlook posts.

    If you want to contact another PC then simply send them a Private Message. If you want to contact an NPC then make a note in your ST Discussions thread that you are contacting them and an ST will give their responses.

    Dice can be rolled by the following code:

    for example replacing "number_of_dice" with "3" gives:

    James carried out 3 launched of one d10 (Image not informed.) :
    1 , 1 , 1

    although of course the actual numbers will vary each time.

    A lot of rolls will be made behind the scenes on your behalf - for example Perception+Alertness rolls to notice something or initiative rolls in combat - essentially any roll you can do nothing to affect will be made for you as this keeps things moving faster.

    Finally, there are two things that can be done to make scenes easier to read. This are not insisted upon but do make life a lot easier for everyone:
    1) Put any OOC comments, questions, etc into spoilers.
    2) Put you character's dialogue in a different colour to the rest of your text.

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    Re: Playing the Game

    Post  James on Tue Aug 21, 2012 3:23 am


    For the moment there are no house rules relating to combat - the core rules from the book will be used. If they prove unwieldy then we shall add house rules to address this but I would rather add house rules if necessary than begin with potentially unnecessary ones.

    A point to remember is that Fortitude adds dice to a dice pool, it doesn't give automatic successes (page 209 gives more details). This is not a house rule but I thought it worth making it explicit as so many other games house rule it to give automatic successes.

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