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    Health Services

    Post  James on Mon Aug 20, 2012 8:59 am

    You can see how this will work in game in this thread. Names in red are expanded in Important NPCs - Kine

    Health in the region is run by something called the PCT - Primary Care Trust, based in a new office building on the edge of Havershome. The PCT receives its money directly from central government and has a surprising amount of discretion as to what is done with it so long as health needs are met. The Director of the PCT is Christine Anderson.

    Hospital workers, GPs and dentists aren't actually employees of the PCT. Each such institution is a company in its own right (if we want to be fussy, a lot are LLPs but thats neither here nor there) and the PCT gives them money based on a load of criteria - number of patients seen, length of waiting list, etc. However, these individual companies aren't totally free to do as they wish as various laws restrict what they can do. Specifically, they can't charge for services and have to pay nationally agreed wages.

    The PCT also employs health professionals but these are not front line staff. The PCT employs public health analysts, statisticians, things like that.

    As a note to anyone who knows the NHS well, I've rolled the function of the SHI and the PCT into one.

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