A Vampire:the Masquerade game set in the fictional town of Havershome, Scotland

    Important NPCs - Kindred


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    Important NPCs - Kindred

    Post  James on Mon Aug 20, 2012 8:07 am

    Elaine Deuxponts - Toreador Prince of Edinburgh.
    Elaine is a fifteen year old female who has held the Princedom of Edinburgh for centuries. She openly favours her brood and most of the Toreador in the city trace their lineage back to her. She is intensely, superhumanly, charismatic though and everyone seems content with her rule. She has claimed on numerous occasions that she was the first Kindred embraced into the Camarilla - whether thats true or not you're not sure but it seems unlikely someone so incredible would lie. She speaks perfect English although with an accent you've never been able to place.
    Elaine has a Charisma of above 5. You like her. You think she's a great Prince and an all round peach of a gal. I will be pseudo-enforcing this.

    Alexander McDougal - Childe of Eleanor, Childe of Elaine Deuxponts, Toreador Viceroy of Havershome
    Alexander was a talented writer during the renaissance of Scots literature that saw the rise of Boswell, Burnes and Lauder. Once Embraced though his talent - or possibly his muse - seemed to desert him and its no secret that trusted ghouls rescued him from a self-inflicted sunrise on several occasions. Once he had stopped mourning the loss of his writing though he threw himself into Kindred politics and is one of the most powerful and influential of Elaine's brood.

    Seamus Dunsirn-Giovanni - Giovanni Don
    Seamus is the head of the Giovanni in Scotland and lives on an estate not far from Havershome. Through his manipulations, the only bank in Havershome to date is "Dunsirn and Family".

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