A Vampire:the Masquerade game set in the fictional town of Havershome, Scotland

    Character Creation


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    Character Creation

    Post  James on Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:56 am

    Character Creation will be as per the Second Edition Revised ruleset with the following exceptions:

    Permitted clans - Brujah, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Ventrue. Only these clans have represenatives high enough in the Prince's regard to be granted permission to send a representative.

    Backgrounds - You may not have more than five dots in a single background at character creation (after freebie points are spent). Backgrounds will be permitted to exceed your generational max, but such levels must be obtained in-game.

    Generation - although you are a neonate in age, your sire is powerful and old. Generation will begin at 11 not 13. These are not "dots", its just a different starting point - you may still spend five dots in Generation

    Mentor- You sire is willing to offer his advice and is an experienced player in the Jyhad. All characters will gain three dots in the mentor background for free. An additional zero, one or two dots may be spent if desired - representing either an even more useful sire or an entirely seperate second mentor.

    Fame - The Fame background is banned. Prince Deuxponts does not wish to draw attention to the claims for power in Havershome and so will veto any proposed representative who is well known to the Kine.

    Protected Backgrounds - You may choose to lodge zero, one or two points of backgrounds with your sire. They will protect them for you and render them immune to attack from other players. Further, the three free dots in Mentor are immune to attack from other players.

    Sire - I shall require some information on your sire, who will be an important NPC in the game. At a minimum I would like brief details on where his powerbase in Edinburgh lies and how he maintains it.

    Sire's Aid - I shall be awarding additional dots in Backgrounds to represent aid your sire is willing to give you, based on the description requested above. This is a two way street - if you are not adequately representing his interests, he will withdraw his aid.

    Merits and Flaws - Are forbidden. For the sake of completeness I will mention that some NPCs have Merits and Flaws, but they are forbidden for PCs.

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    Re: Character Creation

    Post  James on Wed Aug 22, 2012 3:59 am

    Notes on Backgrounds

    • Allies - None of you have visited Havershome before, so having pre-existing allies in the town is a little complicated. However, I don't want to nerf the background so I present two possibilites:
      1)You may know people there from existing business or other projects. A client lives in Havershome, an old family friend has moved there, etc. This is not really extremely different from the core book other than the fact they live in a different place to you.
      2)You may "pre-buy" the slots and fill them once you arrive. In essence, NPCs you meet in game can be automatically added to vacant slots. In game, this will be represented in a variety of ways - perhaps you share an interest that makes them take to you, perhaps they have been looking for an associate in exactly your area for reasons of their own; there are a variety of possibilities. Simply state that you wish to add the NPC you are talking to (you must meet them in-game to use this option) as an ally and if you have free slots it will happen automatically. If you do not have free slots - if this would be a new dot in ally - then you must earn their trust as normal.
      Finally, Allies works as per core book, meaning that some allies may cost multiple dots.
    • Contacts - This works as Allies, mutatis mutandis. Contacts will also work as per the core book - a named primary contact and a field of minor contacts.
    • Fame - Banned, as per above.
    • Generation - As mentioned above, starting generation (with 0 dots) is 11th. You may still spend five dots if you wish, resulting in a 6th gen character.
    • Herd - This will work under the V:DA rules. That is to say, each night you will receive blood points equal to your ranking in Herd. The process will be <remove blood for waking><add blood for Herd>. I mention this as removing the blood for waking may put you at risk of Frenzy. If this is the case, I will start you a scene where you meet with your Herd as there is a chance of Frenzy and losing Herd members or worse.
    • Influence - No change from core books
    • Mentor - As mentioned above, you will start with three dots in Mentor. For the avoidance of doubt, this does not work the same as Generation. You start with no dots in Generation, simply a higher base level. However, you start with dots in Mentor meaning less can be spent at your discretion.
    • Resources - No change from core books
    • Retainers - No change from core books
    • Status - No change from core books.

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