A Vampire:the Masquerade game set in the fictional town of Havershome, Scotland

    Politics and Councils


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    Politics and Councils

    Post  James on Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:53 am

    You can find more information about any name in red in the Important NPCs - Kine thread, you can find more information about how this will be implemented in the game in this thread.

    At the top of the political tree sits the Member of Parliament (MP). This is the region's representative to national government in Westminster (London). An MP has very little pure authority - there's very little that can be done just on their word - as they are largely the people's voice in the national government and so don't need that much personal power. The MP is quite an irregular visitor to Havershome, spending most of their time in London. Its almost impossible for an MP to be fired, if they die or resign (which is also quite a complicated process) then a replacement is chosen as soon as possible in a special election. Each political party puts forward one candidate chosen by their local party - an unelected group of prominent local people in the party - and independant candidates can also put their name forwards. Havershome sits in the Havershome and District Constituency and its MP is Sarah Mersen of the Labour Party.

    Next, either a step down or on a level depending on how you wish to view it is the Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP). Scotland has the right to decide certain matters relating to Scotland locally, without London'd involvement and the MSP is the representative of the area to the body which makes those decisions. Like an MP, they are very hard to fire (although slightly easier) and a death or resignation calls a by-election. Also like an MP, they have very little statuatory authority to make decisions relating to the area, although they're a much more common face in the area. Havershome sits in the Havershome constituency and its MSP is James Burns of the SNP.

    Next come the Town and County councils, both at roughly the same level. This level is where local decisions are made and where local influence is concentrated. Because Havershome isn't a large city they have the two types of Council. The County Council covers a far larger area than the Town Council and is responsible for matters that require an economy of scale or a wider viewpoint - road maintenance, social services, etc. The Town Council has sole responsibility for matters only affecting Havershome - building inspections, local taxes, etc. If you require any clarity as to which is responsible for which then ask. Each is organised as a minature of the National parliament - Several elected members known as councillors with one of the largest party chosen to be in charge - this is called a Mayor for the Town Council and the seat is held by Ian Dillon of the SNP while for the County Council it is called the Leader of the Council and is Alexander Sampson, again of the SNP. There are other nearby towns that have their own Town Council but share the same County Council - they will not be relevant to the game. As Havershome is the largest town in the county, the County Council are based there - in fact it and the Town Council share the same four office buildings in the centre of town although they are two seperate organisations. Obviously elected councillors don't actually perform the functions themselves, and may well not be aware of everything a council is doing - full time council employees perform the actual work.

    Finally, and very much least, come the Parish Councils. They have literally no authority and serve only as advisors to all the above. Most people are not even aware that they have a Parish Council but occasionally a charismatic Parish Councillor can acquire some influence as a community leader.

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